It is our commitment to offer you the highest quality in seafood products from many parts of the world. We have many types and sizes of fresh shrimp for your selection. In addition, we carry fresh fish such as salmon, red snapper, cod, grouper, and many more. Our live products consist of Lobster, Alaskan Crab, Eel, Tilapia, Catfish, Blue Crab, and Crawfish.


We carry the highest quality in meat products. We feature USDA choice beef, tender fresh pork, and specialty meats for every menu. We offer a variety of products such as duck legs, hen, oxtail, and many more. We are equipped to handle special orders. The goal of our Meat Department is to give you the confidence that you are shopping the most experienced Asian meat shop in town!


Our Produce Department is absolutely second to none. The variety and freshness of our fruits and vegetables speak for itself. We carry seasonal fruits such as Mango, Lychees, Fuji Apple, Asian Pear, Honey Tangerine, Durian, Korean Melon, and much much more. If you cannot find certain vegetable at your local store, come visit us. We have your Bok Choy, Yu-Choy, Yam, Mints, Bean Sprout, Soya Bean Sprout, Napa, Ong Choy, Japanese Egg Plant, Thai Egg Plant, Korean Daikon, and more. Our staff is knowledgeable and will do our best to answer any question you may have about any of the items we carry.


Do you wok? Then we got what you are looking for. We, also, carry items such as teapots, teacups, rice bowls, soup bowls, rice cookers, bamboo steamer, chopsticks, and electric hot pot.

Dry Goods

You will be amazed with the assortment of sauces, spices, and other authentic Asian food products from all parts of the world. And at the snack section, you will experience one of the most difficult decision; what to snack on? Should you get shrimp chips from Korea, rice crackers from Japan, preserved fruits from Taiwan, chocolate biscuits from Britain, or roasted coconut flavored peanuts from Vietnam? There’s more! What beverage are you in the mood for? Thai tea or Grass Jelly drinks? In cans or instant mix? We have all kinds for you to choose.


Are you feeling lethargic? Do you need medication to relieve the ache and pains in body? We carry many types of herbs such as ginseng to increase your metabolism and energy. And we have the ointments, creams, and patches for backache, swollen ankle, and stomachache. We will try our best to get you feeling better.


“Don’t Just Shop, Have An Experience”