In 1985, we opened our first Hong Kong Market to serve Arlington, TX with specialty items from Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. Thanks to the tremendous support from our loyal customers, we now have two of the largest Asian grocery stores in the D/FW metropolitan are. Also, we now provide a wide selection of Asian groceries and goods from Japan, Korea, Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and other Far East countries. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer services along with the freshest produce, meat, and live seafood.

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I was very happy to see this establishment of various small resturants and bakeries, plus Asian grocery market in the Arlington area. It’s very similar to Ranch 99, located in my hometown in Houston, Texas. I would like to see a Korean center, though. Overall, when you can find meats of various types, fruits ( especially durian) of various types, and food stands serving roasted duck, chicken, and side of pork, you know you have something special. Some stands serve savory pasteries, banh mi, and bobba tea!!! Yummy!

Definitely, I will be coming back and hoping to spend the whole day, here

Victor H.

I love this area. There are so much to do from shopping, face products, grocery shopping, restaurants, & so much more. This place is still renovating on their new building but I cannot wait for them to finish. The faceshop is on the new building so check it out! It’s kind of hidden since it’s still under construction.

Abby S.

This is the closest thing you will find to a “Chinatown” type place in the DFW area (if I am wrong, PLEASE let me know! I want to go there!). The grocery store is enormous with some household items that I was looking for as well, like a Bagua for my door, incense, candles, etc. There are several shops outside of the grocery store but still in the building that have other Feng Shui type items. There is a delicious Vietnamese bakery, a nail salon, and some other small shops too. It’s definitely more of a mix of Asian culture/items – a lot of the items in the grocery store are from Vietnam, and I think some of the merchandise/little stores are Korean as well (oh! There is also a small food court outside the grocery store, but it was closed when I was there at 5 p.m. on a Thursday evening, so I can’t comment on it.). Definitely worth checking out!

Jennifer B.

“Don’t Just Shop, Have An Experience”